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Feb 25, 2013 8:30am PST
lee. [applause] supervisors carmen chu, jane kim, and malia cohen. c.e.o. port commission president, and former commissioner michael hardaman. fire chief. and san francisco jim lathermyth. and san francisco made we have katie and sarah from spur. as well as many of our neighborhood leaders, i saw mike bishop from the southern waterfront. and katie from the central waterfront. and the commerce advisory committee. and of course all of you who i hope are not just only san francisco giant fans but fans of home-made beer here in san francisco. and it's my great honor to introduce entrepreneurial spirit. mr. gregor was born and raised in the united kingdom. he then moved to singapore at the age of nine. he's lived in amazing cities around the world. so he brings with him an international spirit. but also a passion for san francisco. he and his partner, tony foglio are known for building up the best brands and keeping them both emerging but honoring their roots. so i can't think of a better tenant and partner for this historic pier 48 than anchor brewers and distillers. join me in welcomin
Feb 7, 2013 2:30pm PST
. >>> good afternoon, chairman yee, supervisor breed, malia cohen. my name is mary marzado and i am the san francisco vice president for local 21. i'm here in support of mike for reappointment. i've known him many years, enforcing labor standards in san francisco, as city worker, and before that for private unions. i know that mike has a very deep appreciation of the men and women who built the bridge and of those that continue to maintain and preserve this national landmark. i think that alex expressed to you that we represent many of those workers that are working right now to rebuild the bridge and make it seismically standard. he has been a very excellent representative on this board and we urge you to approve his reappointment. thank you. >> thank you. any other public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, any thoughts? there's four members are applying for the four positions. supervisor breed. >> thank you. i think we're really fortunate to have such a diverse and very capable group of individuals to serve on the -- this particular golden gate bridge transportati
Feb 15, 2013 6:30pm PST
mentioned city administrator naomi kelly, supervisor malia cohen is with us and supervisor london breed, welcome. we also have in the audience with us karen roy is with us. we have karen roy. we have luis herrera, city librarian with us. mohammed naru who is the head of dpw. we have joanne white, the fire chief is with us. and linda richardson, commissioner linda richardson is with us. let's welcome them, please. (applause) >> okay. we have greetings now in the program. i think we will go ahead and move forward with the greetings from the supervisors and we will then be followed by city administrator kelly will introduce the mayor upon the mayor's arrival. so, with that i'd like to ask supervisor cohen if you would come and extend greetings, please. >> thank you. amen, good morning, everyone. good afternoon. how are you? i have to say you look beautiful to look out and see so much red. this is an exciting time for all of us here in san francisco. and as i stand before you on this day, we celebrate black history month in san francisco. this is a day on which we acknowledge the being at t
Feb 17, 2013 12:30pm PST
and supervisor malia cohen. i'm not going to speak too much because i know the nominater took not only is she a part of this community, but she has taken the time to really outline all the achievements of the community. but i will say on behalf of my boss, amy cohen, the portola never had a drop down on the yelp. it never had a drop down on the cdbg grant application process. and they used to have t-shirts that said best little neighborhood you never knew. so, i'm going to bring up lindy lynetsky from dpw. (applause) >> we stole all her lines already. >> yeah, stole all my lines. you just stole another. all right. tonight is called the portola sweep, right? [cheering and applauding] >> i know there are several people here tonight who nominated the portola as the come back neighborhood of the award of the year. neighborhood of the year award. i'm sure there were several nominaters. so, i'm very humble to be able to present my nomination and the reasons why i think we deserve tonight's award. i'm a relative newcomer to the neighborhood, only 13 years, and there are many more folks who have been
Feb 5, 2013 6:30pm PST
. and, so, i went down to malia cohen's office before this meeting and i got you two organizations and phone numbers so that you can do some community outreach. >>> here's the papers. >> you said there were no community groups you could do outreach toedthv it says there are no community groups. so, i went down to malia cohen's office, supervisor cohen's office and got you two organizations so you can do some outreach to. >>> oh, no problem, no problem. * >> thank you. is there any other commissioners -- okay. thank you. why don't you have a seat and we're going to do public comment, okay? >>> no problem. >> okay. >>> no problemo . >> no problemo, gracias. nice to see you again. >>> hi, lieutenant knight representing bayview station. i just received this about a few hours ago. but in reviewing it, there were a few things that we had missed and i provided raj with a new copy. the last two lines i actually went over it with cesar and he's in agreement with it and it has to do with the number of security on the premise when he does have events. he's agreed to 1 and 50. and that was sti
Feb 14, 2013 10:00am PST
, chair of the committee. i am joined by our cochair malia cohen and david campos. our clerk today is here and we have sfgtv here. madam clerk do you have any announcements today? >> please silent all electronic devices and cell phones and all copies part of the file somebody submitted to the clerk. each member of the public will be allowed the same amount of time to speak and will appear on the agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much. will you call item number one. >> item number one is review of the citizen's general obligation bond oversight committee annual report most recent report by the administrative code. >> thank you very much. >> good afternoon. i am pleased to be here as the chair of the citizen's general obligation bond oversight committee to give you the annual report. we have a short report for you today basically explaining what this is all about, what our operations have been and we have made changes this here. what is happening with the bonds in place, and finally the city services auditor role that we also play. so the citizen's general obli
Feb 1, 2013 3:30am PST
this is the first phase. supervisor malia cohen and i are going to be working hard with many of you here today for a long time. this is something we've dreamed of and i know you dreamed of it just in terms of being able to live in san francisco, afford it here. your kids are so happy to see their rooms and all their giants posters and the views of the bay. but we also want to assure you that we're just beginning to complete a really long-held promise, malia, that you and i and other supervisors have made. and we signalled that back when gavin was mayor. he made the bold announcement back in 2006, with the board of supervisors as a whole, that knowing that it was over $267 million of unmet infrastructure needs in the whole public housing complex, and that on an annual basis, the hud and the federal government were only able to come up with 16 million, and decreasing every year based upon their inability to get together on hud priorities, that we created hope sf. and out of that came a $95 million commitment. i'm going to see to it that not only every penny of that comes in, but there will be mo
Feb 24, 2013 7:00pm PST
supervisor jane kim and supervisor malia cohen from districts six and 10 respecti respectively. [applause] >> good morning. i was reminded this morning as the mayor was announcing different members of the city family that are here, naomi kelly, and those others, the mayor likes to travel with the ladies. but in all honestly it's great to be here. and anchorstein is my favorite san francisco beer. and it's a beer that i grab for when i go to a friends' house. not that it's a plug, but it's important to support san francisco products. and it's amazing that this company has been committed to san francisco and as an ambassador throughout the world. and important to partner with another great ambassador, and that's the san francisco giants. as we look at district 6, that includes mission bay. we have to recognize the history that was here before much of the development came. and that was the development and warehouses. and i came here to shop for furniture and other local wares. and it's exciting as we develop this part of the city, that can manage a lot of density. and sf-made is an incredib
Feb 21, 2013 1:30pm PST
provisions and make other technical amendments. >> thank you. and i would like to welcome supervisor malia cohen. so, supervisor kim, would you like to make some comments on this. >> thank you, supervisor yee, and i appreciate the rules taking the time to hear this cleanup legislation, as many of you know in june of 2011, the supreme court made a decision in a 5-4 vote in response to independent expenditures, substantially burdens the first amendment rights of these independent expenditures and also stated that leveling the playing field for candidates is not a compelling state interest justifying a restriction in any type of first amendment rights. many members of this board were saddened by this decision and spoke out in opposition of it, but despite that, we did have to make changes in our current public -- in our previous public finance program in order to be legal under this new supreme court ruling. this legislation passed last spring in april of 2012, thank you, supervisor cohen for your support last year so that we could continue this very important program, but have it be under th
Feb 17, 2013 6:30am PST
the job done. and you've seen some of these people already. they are malia cohen, london breed at the board. they have to face all the different politics. but i know they're going to be great partners with me because we've got the right objectives to happen. we want everybody included in the city. we have naomi kelly, harlan kelly, mohammed nuru, rhonda simmons heading upstreamly important departments. and i've got to say this. if we can't get the job done with these people in these important positions or some tremendous progress, i don't know where else to look because this is a great start. yes. (applause) >> but we also have tremendous help from people who are helping us create the policies and the accountability in all the different departments. melva davis, kim brandon, willie adams at the port, chuck collins, [speaker not understood], the reverend amos brown, denise tyson, linda richardson, sonya harris, patricia thomas, veronica honeycut, these are just the names of a few of our commissioners who are heading up those very important divisions of our city. and they are joi
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 137 (some duplicates have been removed)